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Cints Estates is a bespoke property investment company offering a unique collection of property investment options to savvy buyers. We have partnered with renowned property experts to deliver great value for money. We offer crowd funding investment options for clients looking to own stakes in property assets with a minimum entry amount.

Through partnerships with acclaimed Architectural Firms and our Luxury Interior Design Arm we continue to add outstanding value to unloved properties through major refurbishment. We also offer fantastic Home Staging Services, which greatly increases the desirability for a property through creative design and styling.

Whether you are buying to Let, Sell or Live our extensive portfolio of property opportunities and well researched investments provide you with the safety and protection you need to reach your lifestyle and financial goals. We place a huge emphasis on sourcing property options in areas which have excellent fundamentals for capital growth, and we apply rigorous due diligence processes to ensure that the very best outcomes are achieved for our clients.

Lets help you find the perfect property investment option today.

Our Vision

To be amongst the top curators of high yield real estate investments.

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We welcome strategic partnerships with Brokers, Real Estate Companies, Developers, and Industry Professionals who share our values.

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